Royal Match Cheats – Tips & Tricks to get free Coins, Stars and Lives

There are over 100 million downloads of Royal Match on all devices, making it the best match-3 puzzle game ever. It’s even better than Candy Crush and Homescapes. Millions of people play Royal Match every day, and one of the main reasons they keep coming back is that it’s fun and easy to learn. In Royal Match, the in-game cash is also an important part of the game.

In Royal Match, players get coins when they finish levels and get boxes. You can buy extra moves, boosts, and a lot of other things with this. Anyway, a lot of people want to know where to find coins and what Royal Match free coins are.

Royal Match Free Coins, Stars and Lives: How Do You Get Them?

Royal Match Generator For Free Coins, Stars and Lives

  1. Click on the button below: “Royal Match Generator
  2. Select your platform: Android or iOS
  3. Add game account username
  4. Click “Connect”
  5. Choose the amount of free coins, stars and lives for Royal Match
  6. Click “Generate”

Daily Rewards

Every single day, you should make it a point to log in to Royal Match. They are waiting for you to receive these incredible gifts on a daily basis, and occasionally those goodies include free coins and lives. So, be sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to claim what is properly yours!

Complete an area

When a player finishes decorating an area, they get a chest full of gifts like coins, boosts, and extra lives.

Connect with Social Media

Easily connect your game to Facebook or any other social network. Game developers often have freebies and special deals that are only available to players who are connected.

Battle pass

It is also possible to acquire the battle pass, which will provide you with superior benefits. Furthermore, even if you decide not to purchase the battle pass, you will still have the opportunity to acquire incentives, such as coins, that are dispersed among the many tiers of the free battle pass.

Bonus levels and King’s Nightmare

There is a possibility that a bonus level could arise at some point. This will provide you with an additional opportunity to win coins, since players gain coins by completing matches and finally breaking through the level. There is also the possibility that the king’s nightmare level may occur. In order to complete this level, you will need to complete a match-3 puzzle before the provided amount of time expires. However, if you do so, you will receive free coins!

Join events

Keep an eye out for any challenges or events that may occur within the game. Not only does taking part in these events add a little bit of excitement to the game, but it also provides you with a substantial quantity of free coins, stars and lives as a reward for participation.


Earning free coins in Royal Match may be done in a variety of different ways. Using them will allow you to play for a longer period of time, access new material, or obtain additional moves within a level.

It is possible that players will have a difficult time acquiring coins at the beginning of the game; nevertheless, they should always make an effort to use fewer coins while beginning the game. As you move through the game, more opportunities to get coins will become accessible to you. There are a variety of ways to gain free coins, stars and lives, and each of these ways should be suitable for each player. Therefore, you shouldn’t let the lack of money prevent you from completely enjoying the Royal Match experience.

Also, you can download the game from here: iOS or Android!

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